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    25 July, 2017 | General Hackery

    Eduroam is used at several different universities across the UK, but its authentication process is (understandably) more complex than your home wifi. Consequently, you need to pull a few extra strings in order to get it to work with a Raspberry Pi.

    Your /etc/wpa_supplicant/wpa_supplicant.conf file should look something like this...

        identity="<your institutional email address>"
        anonymous_identity="@soton.ac.uk <your institution will be different>"
        password=hash:<hashed password>

    To get the very specifically formatted hash for the password, you'll need to echo it (with -n, so it doesn't add a newline), pipe that through iconv to format it to UTF-16, then pipe that through openssl because it's the only way to create an MD4 hash on a BASH command line!

    echo -n <password> | iconv -t utf16le | openssl md4

    Save (you'll need root), ifdown and ifup again and you should be good to go. Obviously I've tried this and it works at Southampton University, your mileage may vary.